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Upgrading Microelectronics:
Advanced Technology Insertion

Image: Wafer

The newest microelectronics technologies can now perform many functions in one device that used to require many different devices. By replacing a larger number of components with a single device, the system becomes far more reliable.

When a technology upgrade is determined to be the best solution to solving a microelectronics problem, a very compelling prospect is available. Since these upgrades are provided at a system or board level, it is an excellent opportunity to provide a capability or performance enhancement at the same time.
DMEA can use its advanced technology expertise to dramatically improve the reliability of a system, consolidate the solutions to many support problems, and add new functions using just a few advanced microelectronics devices. The system will operate as expected but with all the benefits of the new technology: fewer parts, greater reliability and, in most cases, more capability.

Image: Chip Detail

“The Defense Microelectronics Activity’s cutting-edge work is absolutely amazing! Your organization is now, and will continue to be, a huge asset to the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense!”

Lester L. Lyles,
General, USAF
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
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