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Undisputed Experts: Almost Too Good To Be True

The NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency is required to maintain critical systems for periods extending well past their intended life cycles. As a result, many of these systems experience severe obsolescence and reliability problems as they age.

DMEA maintains expertise in all levels of developing microelectronics technology. This unique knowledge base allows DMEA to insert advanced technologies at the lowest possible risk and at reduced operations and support costs. Instead of making copies of obsolete microelectronics components made with old technology, DMEA can redesign new components with advanced technology so that the system will operate as expected but with all the benefits of the new technology: fewer parts, greater reliability, and sometimes more capability.
“[We] would like to extend [our] appreciation to DMEA for their support to the Rockets/Missiles Programme in providing solutions for obsolete circuit cards. [DMEA’s] accomplishment of successfully redesigning a NATO module with considerable improvements in reliability and reduced costs could not have been accomplished without [your] technical knowledge, leadership, and dedication.

It is apparent that DMEA is the DOD leader in expertise, knowledge, and experience in applying these technologies to critical weapons systems.”

J .S. Laposata, Deputy General Manager and Director of Logistics Programmes and Operations
NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency, Luxembourg

Sometimes a DMS problem requires replacement of obsolete parts, a functional upgrade, and a plan to reduce risk and operational costs in the future. DMEA can help with every part of the solution.

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