Defense Microelectronics Activity
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Access to Proprietary Industry Data Means Permanently Supportable Technology

Image: MLRS

The Defense Microelectronics Activity supports the US Army’s Multiple-Launch Rocket System Fire Control System. This support has included:

  • consulting on design options, price and availability considerations, and technology trends and risks
  • complete hardware design, including fabrication of prototypes and production considerations
  • functional and environmental testing
  • technical data package preparation.
A key part of DMEA’s support is an aggressive policy of licensing intellectual property from multiple semiconductor manufacturers. DMEA stores the instructions for producing a component instead of the components themselves. This creates a new definition for commercial off-the-shelf technology: technology that is permanently supportable on demand, even though it is not available from the original commercial provider.
“[We] would like to recognize the outstanding effort and support that has been provided to this office with regard to technology insertion/electronic redesign by [DMEA]... [Your] access to proprietary industry data and ability to stay abreast of rapidly changing microelectronics technology have been paramount on many of Multiple-Launch Rocket System projects...The quality and support provided by [DMEA] has been invaluable with respect to our limited schedule and budget constraints...”

Billy L. Crosswhite, Chief
US Army Missile Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama


Part of DMEA’s strategic direction is to provide planning for Obsolescence Mitigation. To learn how to provide a roadmap for technology replacement, click here.

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