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Success Stories

DMEA: The Expertise to Develop New Technologies

The Maritime Avionics Subsystems Technology (MAST) program asked DMEA for assistance in a variety of areas—one of them was to develop technologies that would provide fighter pilots with situational awareness in real time.

“I would like to congratulate you on the superb job you and your organization have done with the MAST Program... Your outstanding efforts and technical contributions...have been critical to [our] timely success...

“There is no doubt that the expertise you provide could ultimately save the government millions of dollars. In addition, your organization responded in an unprecedented manner to real-world warfighter needs...

“This diverse technical support you provide to us in the areas of microelectronics and simulation and modeling, as well as the broad contract support... makes you a truly unique DOD organization.”

Charles D. Caposell, Program Manager for the Maritime Avionics Subsystems and Technology (MAST) Program
Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters
Arlington, Virginia




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