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Success Stories

DMEA Demonstrates Unique Ability

The Satellite Communications Division at Tobyhanna Army Depot didn’t know what to do. It needed to replace twelve different electronic components. The Defense Logistics Agency had supplied the missing parts before, but now DLA said it could no longer find eleven of the parts.

“The integrated circuits that DMEA is currently reverse engineering for us have been a problem for many years. Our last source of supply, DLA [Defense Logistics Agency], will no longer supply these parts. They did take on one of the parts and gave us a delivery of 12 months. Two years later, they cancelled our request... In other words, we had to start all over again.

“We then released a solicitation for the 12 parts. We received three bids, but during negotiations, two dropped out quickly. The last bidder wanted, up front, almost $1 million to study the parts and then let us know if they could make them... Delivery would be 23 to 28 months after the study was complete... After 1 year of negotiations, we reached an impasse... After 3 years, we were still not close to getting the parts.

“When I called DMEA], things started to happen... The delivery of the first part in April actually beat your original schedule. The people at TYAD cannot thank you enough for delivering these parts. We only wish that we found out about your organization sooner.”

Frank Estock, Branch Chief
Tobyhanna Army Depot
Satellite Communications Division

Reverse Engineering can be a critical step in determining the scope of a DMS problem. Want to learn more? Read about DMEA’s state-of-the-art Integrated Circuit Test Facilities

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