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Business Case Analysis of Solutions

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At DMEA we also help our clients plan for their microelectronics support. No matter in what part of the Total Life Cycle System Management (TLCSM) process the problems lie, we help develop the right business solution to keep the system up and running. We might assess two dozen microelectronic components on a circuit board or those in an entire system such as an
aircraft or even a fleet of aircraft. In making our assessment, we look at a system’s historic reliability and the existing spare parts, if any, to determine which components or subsystems will be vulnerable to insufficient supportability in the foreseeable life-cycle of the component or system.

DMEA is an integral part of a complex network of commercial suppliers, the technology aftermarket, and government organizations that ensure continuous support for microelectronics in military systems. DMEA can help resolve problems in several specific ways:

  • Identify device data for which there is no existing documentation
  • Help find existing replacement parts from suppliers
  • Provide a complete range of solutions from component replacement to board and system upgrades using advanced microelectronic technologies for transformational opportunities
  • Provide a single solution for multi-symptomatic supportability problems embracing Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCSM) concepts
  • Ensure long term support with no future obsolescence issues with parts manufactured from DMEA’s ARMS flexible foundry

Based on our Engineering Analysis, a wide range of solution options can be developed. These solutions can come from our complex network of suppliers, as well as design options from DMEA at the IC, board or system level, and/or a mixture of both. These solutions can be short term solutions, to address immediate obsolescence, in parallel with longer term solutions addressing reliability problems. Each Option will identify solutions and potential Cost Avoidance at each level. Because DMEA provides solutions at the IC, board or system level, we don’t have a vested interest in any single solution. The decision is based on the reduction in total cost of ownership and funding availability.

This Business Case Analysis, provides a wide degree of options, both short term and long term, as well as future cost avoidances, that a program manager can use to calculate Return on Investment over time. After thorough analysis, the client chooses the best solution for their program’s schedule and resources.

TLCSM Resolution Process

Obsolescence FAQ



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Thomas S. Moorman, Jr.,
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