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Obsolescence and Engineering Analysis

Image: Chip Microelectronics parts in military systems require continual updating, and obsolescence is one of the main reasons. Microelectronics technologies become obsolete about every 18 months and the DOD has systems dating back half a century. For the DOD to fall behind in supporting this technology is to risk becoming obsolete itself.

For program offices that value the benefits of proactive obsolescence tracking, DMEA offers obsolescence management. This involves continual active monitoring of a system’s parts to stay ahead of the obsolescence curve and to plan ahead for mitigation activities. By avoiding strictly reactive obsolescence mitigation activities, alternatives that are more cost-effective and schedule-responsive can be developed.

DMEA presents solutions to keep the system operational. These options range from component replacement to board or system upgrades with advanced technology. The latter options create opportunities for multi-symptom resolution and truly transformational alternatives. DMEA’s engineers are specialists, and our facilities are state of the art. We can produce, on demand, microelectronic parts for all weapons systems. We can do this through the worldwide unique Advanced Reconfigurable Manufacturing for Semiconductors (ARMS) facility.

Obsolescence FAQ

Additional documentation on the parts obsolescence problem is located in the DMEA Library.


Engineering is
the Key

Without the ability to reverse-engineer existing devices, boards, and systems to determine their functions, many undocumented or under-documented systems would simply stop functioning. DMEA has the experience, staff and facility to provide sophisticated engineering and analytical services.

The information provided by the engineers can then be used to identify suitable replacement parts from a variety of sources, or can be used as the basis for a design for a functional upgrade at the same time as the replacement is being made.

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