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Map of Sacramento

Map from Sacramento International Airport

Where we are located in McClellan Park: McClellan Park Map

Getting to DMEA Using GPS

Additional Parking



Map from Sacramento Airport

Airport to DMEA

1. Leaving the Airport, take I-5 South 

2. Take I-80 East towards Reno (approx. 6 miles)

3. Take the Winters Street exit, turn left. Enter McClellan Park by making a right at the traffic light on Bell Ave/Dudley Blvd, turn at first right onto 54th Street. At the end of the road turn left. DMEA occupies the first building on the right (4234 54th Street). Please park in one of the visitor parking slots.

4. There are a limited number of visitor parking slots in front of DMEA. If the slots are filled please park in any non-reserved or numbered slot in font of DMEA. Additional parking is also available adjacent to Bldg 600. See Map

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Our Location

Map of DMEA

Watt Ave Entrance
Turn left onto Peacekeeper Way entering McClellan Park, continue down Peacekeeper Way. Turn left onto Dudley Blvd. and follow it past the end of the runway. Turn left on Forcum Ave, proceed past the large parking lot on the right and turn right into the DMEA parking lot. DMEA occupies building 620 (single story building with rounded corners). Please park in one of the visitor's slots.

Bell Ave / Dudley Blvd Entrance
Turn right at the light and continue down Dudley Blvd. Turn right onto 54th Street. Turn left into the parking lot in front of the DMEA building and park in one of the visitor's slots.

Getting to DMEA Using GPS
Visitors having access to a GPS system in their vehicles should use the following address for DMEA:
                                            4234 54th Street
                                            McClellan, CA   95652


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Additional Parking

Additional Parking

If the visitor slots are filled in front of DMEA, please park in the additional parking spaces adjacent to Bldg 600. (See the above image).

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We encourage customers and potential customers to visit our facilities to see DMEA in action. Please contact DMEA at 916.231.1505 to arrange a visit to the Labs and to the ARMS flexible foundry.

We can also provide tours for groups with enough advance notice. It is the perfect way to educate a larger number of interested parties on DMEA’s capabilities.

Need a place to stay when visiting DMEA?  Lodging

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