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DMEA is DOD’s leading authority in Microelectronics Solutions. Microelectronics is critical to the US for performance of our military mission and we grow more dependent on it each passing year. From the use of commercial technologies to support existing systems (via

DMEA’s ARMS’s strategy) to the development of researched technology and the long term support of these technologies, DMEA provides a cradle to grave, Total Life Cycle Support Management strategy for today’s operational systems, as well as future weapons systems now in the Development Phase of their program.

Due to our mission in performing advanced technology insertions and our unique partnership with the semiconductor industry, DMEA has a unique perspective into microelectronic technologies required to support current and future DoD weapon systems. Knowing the type of technologies that are incorporated into current and legacy systems, DMEA has provided an ARMS strategy to support these systems. To see into the future, our partnership with the Federal and Service Labs, and our partnership with the semiconductor industry, allows us to determine what specific technologies DoD will need to adapt to today’s challenges on the battlefield, and address manufacturing, reliability, and supportability concerns today before they impact operational systems; for example, the reliability concerns due to trends in fine feature size migration. DMEA is ‘looking around corners’ at the next generation of concerns on various physical semiconductor wear out mechanisms that could lead to recommendations for a Commercial Best Practices Handbook for Military Designers in the future, is just one example of how DMEA is proactively bridging the gap between research and deployment in DOD systems.



“DMEA gets the award for greatest performance improvement in the shortest amount of time! You guys came through when it counted! DMEA is a valued member of our project team... Again, thank you and yours for the great work!!”

Ty Schieber, Project Officer

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