Defense Microelectronics Activity
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Integrated Circuit Testing Facility

The Integrated Circuit Testing Facility is a state-of-the-art laboratory fully equipped to provide the full spectrum of equipment for rapid prototype development, testing and characterization. For troubleshooting and debugging, we have laser device isolation capability, scanning electron and field emission microscopes, and a focused ion beam milling machine.  

Image: Chip Engineering

Reverse Engineering
Available documentation related to the original device is thoroughly reviewed. If no documentation for an integrated circuit exists, we take it apart to learn enough about it so that we can reproduce it.

The integrated circuit is tested electronically to identify its operational characteristics and these are compared with the existing (or derived) documentation for the device. When the device simulation models and the electrical test parameters match, characterization is complete and a design based on a new process can go to fabrication.
Image: DMEA computers

Design and Validation
Modern computer-aided design (CAD) tools are used to design a replacement device. All newly designed integrated circuits are tested on automatic test equipment (ATE). DMEA can qualify devices to their original design specification.

DMEA has the capability to test:

  • Wafers up to 8 inch diameter over full military temperature range
  • Single die
  • Radio frequency (RF) to V-band, including noise parameters, power spectral density, and S-parameters
  • Digital devices up to 500 MHz clock rates
  • Mixed-signal devices
  • Parametric testing
  • Wafer Level Reliability testing
  • Process validation using Silvaco tool suite



Image: F15

“Please accept my appreciation for the outstanding support that you provide to the warfighter. By ensuring expedient delivery of [your] team to Aviano AB, Italy, you ensured that our pilots had the finest technology available to rehearse their combat missions. This capability is vital to the warfighter-and your efforts made it happen.”

David L. Vesely, Lieutenant General, USAF

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