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Gamma Irradiation Testing

Image: DME A equipment

DMEA has a unique total dose testing laboratory accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). The lab's two J.L. Shepherd model 81-22/484 self-shielded irradiators are used to determine the effects of gamma radiation on microelectronics and photonics components and systems.

Both irradiators have dedicated data acquisition computers, optics tables, and measurement equipment for performing a wide variety of influx or step-stressed experiments. Testing is performed in compliance with ASTM F1892 and E1614, MIL-STD-883 Test Method 1019, MIL-STD-750 Test Method 1019, IEEE 1156.4, EIA/TIA FOTP-64, ESA/SCC Basic Specification No. 22900 and ESCC Basic Specification 22900.

DMEA provides irradiation test services to the Department of Defense, other government agencies, research laboratories, universities, and industry.

DMEA's gamma irradiation facility is unique:

  • A2LA-accredited against ISO/IEC 17025

Dose Rates
DMEA's high dose irradiator is one-of-a-kind.  Dose rates are available upon request.

The low dose irradiator provides dose rates compatible with Enhanced Low Dose Rate Sensitivity (ELDRS) levels. Specific dose rates can be provided upon request.


Exposure Tunnels
Both high dose and low dose irradiators have unique 484 exposure tunnels measuring 41 cm (16 inches) W by 41 cm (16 inches) H by 102 cm (40 inches) D. These tunnels are the largest 484 tunnels in the world. They can accommodate unusually large test articles as well as DMEA's Dewar Temperature Systems.

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Synergistic Effects Testing Capabilities
DMEA's irradiation test facility has two Dewar Temperature System chambers, DTS I and DTS II, which can be placed within the high dose irradiator to perform synergistic testing with the combined environments of radiation and temperature, humidity, and/or vacuum.

These high-stability environmental chambers contain a cylinder [21 cm (8.3-inch) inner diameter, 28 cm (11-inch) deep] for placing the test article; it is by far the largest available in the U.S. for use within self-contained irradiators. The chambers are fitted with feed-through ports that allow test articles to be externally powered and/or monitored during testing.

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Microelectronic and Photonic Testing Capabilities
The irradiation facility provides an ideal environment for testing microelectronic parts and boards. It was also designed to accommodate the unique requirements of photonic component testing.

Both J.L. Shepherd model 81-22/484 self-shielded irradiators have dedicated data acquisition computers and optics tables for performing a wide variety of in-flux or step-stressed experiments. Testing can be remotely monitored and controlled from an adjacent area via video cameras and remotely operated data acquisition computers.

A dedicated air conditioning system maintains the irradiator room at very stable (± 1 °C) temperature and humidity levels, allowing the most temperature-sensitive test equipment to be used for in-situ testing. An uninterruptable power supply keeps both the irradiators and test equipment operating during power failures. The facility provides ESD protection for sensitive test articles.

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Customized ion chamber detectors are used to provide extremely accurate (±5 percent) NIST traceable dosimetry over the entire range of dose rates attainable with the high and low dose irradiators.  A screw-driven automatic cart drives test articles to the desired distance from the sources, providing highly accurate and repeatable test article positioning.

ASTM-compliant dose enhancement chambers are used for ambient condition tests to filter out lower energy gammas. The DTS chambers were also designed to provide comparable spectral filtering.

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Contact Us
Email us at for further technical information or to schedule a test.

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Mechanical Testing Certificate #1691.01

Defense Microelectronics Activity -
Science & Engineering Gamma Irradiation
Test Facility (DMEA- SEGIT Facility) is A2LA
accredited against ISO/IEC 17025:2005
General Requirements for the Competence of
Testing and Calibration Laboratories, in the
field of Mechanical Testing

Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Radiation Test Methods for Semiconductor Devices:
MIL-STD-750D Method 1019.4
MIL-STD-750E Method 1019.5
MIL-STD-750-1 Method 1019.5

Radiation Test Methods for Microcircuits:
MIL-STD-883E Methods 1019.4, 1019.5
MIL-STD-883F Method 1019.6
MIL-STD-883G Method 1019.7
MIL-STD-883H Method 1019.8
MIL-STD-883J Method 1019.9

Total Dose Steady-State Irradiation Test Methods:
ESA/SCC Basic Specification No. 22900, Issue 2
ESA/SCC Basic Specification No. 22900, Issue 4
ESCC Basic Specification No. 22900, Issue 3
ESCC Basic Specification No. 22900, Issue 4

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