Defense Microelectronics Activity
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Image: DMEA lab

The Defense Microelectronics Activity has created a unique state-of-the-art facility with more than a hundred engineering and support specialists to design and develop analog, digital, and mixed signal integrated circuits and hybrid and multi-chip module products.

DMEA developed the one-of-a-kind Advanced Reconfigurable Manufacturing for Semiconductors facility or ARMS to produce specialized microelectronic devices. At our Integrated Circuit Testing Facility, components are characterized, reverse engineered and tested to ensure that the finished products meet all performance requirements. Components designed to operate in nuclear and space radiation environments are tested in DMEA's Gamma Irradiation Testing Facility, which has the highest curie content and largest exposure tunnel of any self-shielded irradiator in the world.

Image: DMEA equipment These unique and specialized facilities position DMEA to bring transformational changes into fielded weapons systems in the fastest and most cost-effective manner.

Meeting 21st Century Challenges

DMEA is a government lab that helps support all microelectronic technologies found in DOD weapons systems. As part of this support, DMEA plays a key role in providing liaison services between managers tasked with maintaining systems and their commercial contractors who must deliver highly technical solutions. This unbiased and thorough liaison function ensures that the government effort results in the best and most durable solutions to support their systems, rather than solutions that are subject to short-term commercial vested interests.

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