Dedicated Prototype Runs

A Dedicated Foundry Prototype Run is one where the customer purchases the entire reticle space for a limited number of wafers. When a Dedicated Foundry Prototype Run is requested, the Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) contracts with GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. 2 LLC (GFUS2) to build the masks for the run and guarantees that a minimum of two wafers will be delivered to the customer. Extra wafers can be obtained by the customer for an additional cost. The number of extra wafers that can be obtained is limited by the technology and wafer availability. A Foundry prototype run is required prior to moving to production. Foundry prototype runs are fully funded by the TAPO customer.

To begin the process of requesting a Dedicated Foundry Prototype Run, the customer must submit an online Customer Request Form (CRF) through the TAPO website. Access to a CRF is available through an approved TAPO website account. To apply, select "Login" from the "TAPO" Menu.

For pricing information and current typical cycle times, contact your TAPO Customer Application Engineer.