TAPO - Packaging Service

Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) customers can apply for access to packaging capabilities through the contract with GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. 2 LLC (GFUS2). As a separate service, the customer can request help acquiring packaging services after completing the online Customer Request Form. Note that these services are not bundled with any other offerings; they are stand-alone services.

The packaging solutions made available by GFUS2 under this contract can support Classified, Trusted and ITAR programs. All customers with the need for secure packaging should contact TAPO directly and request further assistance. The typical customer engagement process for requesting packaging services is as follows:

  1. The TAPO customer requests packaging services when completing an online Customer Request Form. For access to the form, the customer must register for a TAPO website account. To apply, select "Login" from the "Home" menu. The "Need to Register" link is located at the bottom of the Login page.

  2. On behalf of the customer, TAPO will submit to GFUS2 a general Statement of Work (SOW) put together by the customer, along with a packaging questionnaire.

  3. GFUS2 reviews the initial proposal and questionnaire. During the sizing effort, GFUS2 may determine that it cannot meet the necessary requirements and reserves the right not to quote the service.

  4. If GFUS2 approves the general SOW, GFUS2 provides a technical contact to both TAPO and the customer. The next task will be to generate a full set of technical requirements in a refined SOW for GFUS2 sizing purposes.

  5. At completion of the sizing, TAPO will provide a formal quote for the services to the customer for acceptance.