TAPO - Multi-Project Wafer Overview

The Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) has created an integrated circuit fabrication solution for low volume U.S. Government customers with the Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) program. This program brings together many customer designs and aggregates them onto a single reticle for production using one of the many GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. 2 LLC (GFUS2) technologies. These runs provide access to GFUS2 mainstream and advanced technologies. The TAPO MPW schedule is based on customer demand and provides several runs throughout the year on many GFUS2 technologies.

Customers seeking access to one of these scheduled runs should follow some simple guidelines. After receiving approval for a TAPO website account, you are expected to complete an online Customer Request Form (CRF). Both the account request and CRF require a description of your program and the identity of your U.S. Government sponsor. Additionally, the CRF requires detailed information about your design, technology needs, and the MPW run in which you wish to enroll. Once submitted, you should receive a notice from TAPO that includes confirmation of the receipt of your CRF, information regarding which TAPO Customer Application Engineer (CAE) has been assigned to your project, and later, a statement confirming that TAPO has vetted your design with your sponsor. These notices typically occur within three business days of CRF submittal.

Each MPW rider is constrained by the same delivery dates and responsibilities. Every rider must execute legal agreements for access to GFUS2 technologies with the TAPO MPW Run Manager, or in some cases with GFUS2 directly. GFUS2 design kits are accessed in the same manner. Also, participating projects must provide design data to the Run Managers by a specified run close date. Finally, every rider will share the same access to technical help through their TAPO Run Manager.

The MPW program offers numerous benefits to low-volume or prototype customers. Advanced and timely communication with TAPO can help ensure the success of your program with respect to MPW enrollment and MPW availability.