TAPO - Create Account

Establishing a working relationship with TAPO is not difficult. Obtaining PKI and registering yourself as a valid customer is step 1. Defining your customer requirement is next. You will be assigned a TAPO point of contact (a Customer Application Engineer) who will guide you through the details of the business and technical interfaces with GFUS2. Here is how to get started.

Step 1 - PKI

Obtain a government approved PKI either from a commercial entity or DoD controlled access card. A list of DoD approved PKI can be obtained here or by filling out a DD Form 1172-2 and having it signed by your sponsor. Click here for the detailed information for obtaining a DoD CAC.

Step 2 - Register for an account

J Click Here TAPO Registration Page

You will be directed to a web based form and prompted to enter the following information:

Step 3 - TAPO approval

TAPO will review the registration information and verify the eligibility of the client for participation in the Trusted Foundry Program. Upon TAPO approval, the client will receive an email notification. TAPO reserves the right to reject account requests which will also result in a notification to the requestor. The TAPO approval process will be performed within three business days of registration.

Step 4 - Client is issued a user account

Once a client has been approved and is issued a TAPO account, the client will then be able to log in and will have access to submitting CRF's, Change Orders, etc. At this point, the client will be able to begin the engagement process to access leading edge technologies. If there are any questions regarding the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact TAPO (Contact Us) with questions or concerns.

Step 5 - Login

J Login Now Trusted Access Program Office