TAPO - ASIC Services

The Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) Trusted Foundry Access (TFA) contract includes access to the GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. 2 LLC (GFUS2) end-to-end commercial ASIC flow for digital chips. Multiple engagement models are available, from standard ASIC netlist handoff to full custom design services, enabling customers to efficiently manage their engineering resources.

GFUS2’s ASIC offering provides access to a silicon-proven library of standard cells, memories and complex IP. The GFUS2 ASIC Design Center also has experience working with customers to incorporate complex custom-hardened IP as a “blackbox.”

The standard deliverable under the ASIC offering is a “Warrantied Tested Good Module.” Design submissions are accepted in the Cu-45, Cu-32 and FX-14 GFUS2 ASIC design systems. The GFUS2 ASIC technology offerings are shown in the following figure. Additional information about the GFUS2 ASIC offering can be obtained by contacting your Customer Application Engineer (CAE) or TAPO directly.

Support for Classified, Trusted and ITAR designs in GFUS2's ASIC methodology is currently available for the Cu-45 and Cu-32 ASIC design systems.

Contact your CAE or TAPO directly to coordinate individual consultations and sizing’s and for access to comprehensive information about this offering.

ASIC Process Nodes