Foundry Services
Foundry Flow

Of the two distinct paths (ASIC Services and Foundry Flow) contractually available to the Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO) for fabricating integrated circuits, the Foundry Flow offers customers access to the broader range of available technologies, a trusted means of device production and the option to ride on Multi-Project Wafers (MPWs). The Foundry Flow is summarized as follows:

  1. Customer enablement to a particular GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. 2 LLC (GFUS2) technology
  2. Customer access to GFUS2 process design kits (PDK)
  3. Customer access to TAPO-acquired GFUS2 Intellectual Property (IP)
  4. Customer is responsible for all design services using industry-standard tools
  5. Customer entry into the Foundry Flow is GDSII handoff
  6. Customer prototype deliverables are typically:
    1. 40 untested silicon die for an MPW run
    2. Two untested wafers for a dedicated run

In supporting customer access to the GFUS2 Foundry Flow, TAPO has established a relationship with GFUS2 to produce advanced microelectronics parts in a Trusted environment. GFUS2 maintains domestic facilities, providing an extensive array of fabrication solutions to meet customer Trusted application needs. The following chart outlines the GFUS2 Trusted ASIC and Foundry technology offerings available to TAPO customers.

Access vehicles for the GFUS2 Foundry Flow include MPW runs; dedicated prototype runs and production runs in both high-volume and low-volume models; IP development including standard pre-purchased IP; and limited test and packaging services.

foundry services image